2018 CREW Seattle & Sound Mentorship Program Overview

CREW Emerging Leaders Committee is excited to announce the launch of the CREW Seattle & Sound Mentorship Program. This year long program allows CREW members the opportunity to intimately connect with, and be mentored by, senior industry professionals from all aspects of real estate.

Our committee has created a framework and tailored resources for participants in this 12-month program. Our goal for the “Beta” year of this program is to match 10 or more mentees with mentors.

Program Participants

Mentors: Past-Presidents and established leaders within the CREW Seattle & Sound Chapter. Mentors are member volunteers committed to advancing the success of women in commercial real estate.

Anticipated time commitment is 12-15 hours annually (~1hr per month.)

Click Here for a list of Mentors.

Mentees: Program applications will be open to all members; program is free of cost. Mentee opportunities will be limited by number of committed Mentors. Emerging Leaders Committee Director and Chairs will match qualified individuals with mentors on a first come first served basis. The program is designed to be largely self-driven by the mentees. Anticipated time commitment for mentees is 24-30 hours annually (~2hr per month.) See link above for a list of Mentors. Matching will be completed by the CREW Emerging Leaders committee based on each applicants resume and application.

Program Schedule

The CREW Seattle & Sound Mentoring Program Schedule is intended to be a 12 month duration, with the expectation of 12 “touch points” between Mentors and Mentees. We encourage in-person meetings whenever possible, with a recommended minimum of 6 in-person meetings during the 12 month period.

The program toolkit offers a framework and suggested schedule. Ultimately, the partners must agree upon a schedule and meeting locations that work for them, with the intent of completing your program goals set forth in your initial Agreement Meeting by the end of the 12 month period.

Applications for mentees are expected to open in early November. Mentor-mentee matches will be finalized by the end of November. The program will begin with a Kick-Off event on Wednesday December 6, with all mentor and mentee participants.

Program Resources

The Kick-Off event will include an overview of the program, guidelines for both the mentor and mentee, and distribution of the Mentoring Program Toolkit – a robust set of mentoring resources developed for your use as appropriate.  The program is designed to be structural and self-driven.

If you have questions about the program, or are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please contact:

Melissa Bartenbach, 2017 Emerging Leaders Director, mbartenbach@pscpa.com  
Kate Freels, 2017 Emerging Leaders Committee Co-Chair, kate.freels@zgf.com
Andrew Duran, 2017 Emerging Leaders Committee Co-Chair; Andrew.duran@fnf.com

The application deadline for the 2018 Mentorship Program has passed. To learn more about our mentors here.